Here are links to some conferences online that you may enjoy watching.

New Wine – United Breaks Out

– A large selection of really great talks including new material added regularly, as well as materials for Children, and Young people. 

Available on You Tube, or as podcasts


Ladies day from Cumbria – Refresh

– A ladies conference including a talk given by Rachel Gardner, Author of ‘The Girl De-Construction Project’, Director of Youthscape, President of Girls Brigade E&W, Founder of Romance Academy, Home For Good Ambassador. Preston Minster.

Rachel was our excellent speaker at Kettering in 2020, so you may like to listen to her again here.

New Wine Women’s Conference Ireland 

-A Women’s Conference from Ireland. Theme – “For Such A Time As This”. Beccy Harcourt is the main speaker. Becky leads All Saints’ Woodford Wells with her husband Paul. She has a particular interest in prayer ministry and inner healing.

Spring Harvest Home

– Includes a wide selection of talks and worship including materials for children and youth


Winter Glory