Amy Orr-Ewing seminar: ‘Is Christianity Sexist?’   

Christianity is often condemned today, for being a religion against women. If gender equality mattered to the early church, what happened to it? What does Christianity’s chequered treatment of women mean for its credibility today? And is the Christian faith a force for the oppression of women, or for their flourishing?

 Tanya Walker seminar: ‘How can I know?’   

You can’t prove that God is real, so how can I be sure that Christianity is true?  Come and be equipped to engage with the doubts of seekers and questions of sceptics, and have your heart stretched by the ultimate answer of the Gospel in knowing Jesus.


Weaving Words:  A creative writing workshop (only 6 spaces available)
Art Journaling: (16 spaces available)
Choir workshop with Voices of Eve: Join the choir, learn a new song & perform it later in the day!
Devotional Booklet Craft: Create a book of inspirational Bible verses with Heather Hannant