Sue Donnelly: Blessed are the Peacemakers
Exploring how we can learn from the principles of Restorative Justice to be peace-makers in our workplaces, our families and across society.

Diane Johnson: Inclusion and unity.
Looking at how can we include and welcome those with additional needs in our churches and other settings.

Julie Coles: God’s Grace When Marriage Ends
When it has proved impossible to maintain unity in our marriage – what does God say?

Jane Follett: The Hospitable Tent
“Enlarge the place of your tent.” Isaiah 54:2 – A personal reflection on this verse and a pro-active approach to unity and its link with hospitality.

Kate Wharton: The Full and Single Life
Encouragement for those of us who are single to “live life to the full”.



Our creative workshops this year will include:

Gospel Choir
Weaving Words
Art Journalling
A range of other craft activities