Gospel Choir- 1.00-1.40pm in Main Theatre

Unlimited numbers

with Rev Eleanor Jeans – our beloved assistant vicar at Christ the King Church was previously a professional musician, then in her last church led a very popular Gospel Choir. Many of you will have enjoyed being part of the gospel choir in previous years, so by popular request, this workshop returns for 2020.

Weaving Words-1.00-1.40pm in Seminar room 5

10 people only – booking on arrival essential

with Kezzabelle

Kezzabelle Ambler is a published performance poet and ‘Weaving Words’ Facilitator. Known as Kerry to old members and friends of Christ the King Church she takes God’s love, blessings and uplifting humour to people in diverse places all over the country. Kezzabelle gives talks, her full ‘Permission To Speak’ show and spoken word performances in churches, festivals, art galleries, theatres, pubs and clubs. She leads workshops in many settings, in schools, with youth, in secure hospitals, at retreats and in her home studio. Her creative writing workshops give the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings in different styles working with all abilities, hoping to encourage that pen to be a tool for life.

Wisdom when talking about Science and Faith

-Biblical perspectives on the Big questions of Life and the Universe

1.45-2.45pm in Seminar Room 4, 30 people

Rev David Jeans is author of the Grove Booklet on this theme. David is Principal of the Church Army’s college in Sheffield. He helps select and train evangelists for the Church Army.

David Jeans has a first class honours degree in Chemistry from Oxford University, and an MPhil in the area of science and theology from Manchester University.  he taught Chemistry and Science at secondary level for 10 years before getting ordained in 1985.  He has been a parish priest and a theological educator, training evangelists for Church Army and ordinands and lay ministers in England and New Zealand.  His teaching area is Christian Doctrine, and he has taught courses on Science and Faith. His current passion is helping ordinary Christians understand how science and faith can relate positively to each other rather than being in conflict with each other.

Wisdom in talking about faith with your Family

1.45-2.45pm in Seminar Room 1 (Upstairs), 70 people

With Becky Denharder– from Care for the Family

Inspire a faith that lasts ! As parents and grandparents we have an amazing opportunity to build our children’s faith in everyday life. Come and be encouraged as we share some simple ways we can do this together.

Wisdom in Church

1.45-2.45pm in Seminar Room 3, 30 people

with Rev’d Sarah Brown, Canon at Peterborough Cathedral and our diocesan Advisor for Women’s Ministry . Sarah will be considering how  we might wisely engage with those who “do” Christianity and Church in ways that might surprise, annoy or even outrage us?

Wisdom in responding to our elders’ changing care needs

1.45-2.45pm in Seminar Room 2 (upstairs), 70 people

With Beverly Jones

We have a clear commandment to honour our parents. This can be challenging for a whole raft of reasons. For many of us it will often include helping to care for them as they age, and/ or organising care we can’t personally give. Beverly Jones, found herself caring for her parents while head of a large comprehensive school and mother to three teenage boys. She later co-founded the training organisation Caring4Elders who offer workshops in the workplace to those who are supporting an elderly person as they become less independent.

In the Caring4elders workshops, which take place throughout the UK, participants support each other to help overcome challenges and to embrace the changes that impact on their lifestyle.

Beverly was originally a Drama teacher and will be bringing her blend of down to earth approach to life combined with energy, enthusiasm and humour, to this afternoon’s seminar.

Beverly and her husband Derek live in Cambridge where they raised their family and she is a member of St Paul’s Church.


1.45-2.45pm in Main Theatre

Unlimited numbers

When Rachel conducted a survey among 15-25 year old young women at Soul Survivor, the overwhelming response to the question “What do you want to be?” was “Confident!” . This seminar is open to all, but Rachel will be particularly focusing on speaking to our younger women in this seminar.

Also useful if you have teenagers / young women in your family or have responsibility for them in your role at work or church.