One aspect of being wise is to learn from past experience and last year we learn that you enjoyed the opportunity to gather in the café area and meet each other. So this year, instead of trying to pack two seminar streams in, we thought we would try just having one.

The two practical led workshops will happen straight after the morning session, with just a few minutes to nip to the loo and then get started with either the Gospel Choir or Weaving Words.

Those of you who want to go to seminar, will have a good long break first to sit and eat, go to the prayer room, visit the bookshop, browse the stalls and stands, enjoy our specially designed colouring cards or do some sewing, before the seminars start. After the seminars there is a 15 minute break before the afternoon session starts.

Women who have gone to the choir or weaving words will then have their relaxing time to do what the rest of you have done, without rushing off to a seminar.

You can, of course, squeeze in both, but think about relaxing too, making time for prayer and just chilling! Remember that in this venue, you can only eat in the café area or on the soft seating near the entrance, next to the bookshop.



8.30 am : Doors open- come in and have a drink and something to eat, browse stalls and bookshop

9.30am : Opening Worship and Rachel Gardner

11.00-11.30 am : Coffee, stalls, Care For Family bookshop open

1.05 – 1.40 pm : Gospel Choir

                              Weaving Words

1.00-1.45 pm:  Lunch in café and lounge area near entrance and bookshop

                           Prayer Room,  stalls, bookshop open plus colouring cards

                           With guest musician: Harpist Emily Broughton

1.45-2.45pm: Lunch and above activities for choir and weaving words people

                            Seminars : see Seminar page for list and details SEMINARS/WORKSHOPS

3.00-4.30pm:Worship, Rachel Gardner, and Communion


Other things to think about and maybe do:

Care for the Family – bookshop and resources stand

Our offering this year will be for Care for the Family who are a charity that resource the church in many areas. They publish a large range of useful resources which might help you in your own life or in your church ministry. Gerrit and his team have brought a whole bookshop from Wales and are there to point you in the direction of any resources you might be looking for.

Their team are also running a seminar focused particularly on those of us who parent or grandparent or care for children.

However, their range of material is for the whole church family and we hope everyone will find something helpful / interesting there. There is also a chill-out area in the bookshop where you can just sit and browse their free literature. Do go and chat to Gerrit and see if CFF might be able to resource your church in a particular area of need.


Creative Response

We love a bit of a creative response opportunity at Winter Glory!

With the theme of Wisdom’s Banquet, we wanted to create the feel of a banquet, hence the flowers, banqueting roll and our wonderful harpist Emily.

You probably don’t doodle on the table cloth when you go to a celebration meal, but that’s what we are inviting you to do today. You are women of godly wisdom and experience, many having walked with Jesus for years. Pick up a pen and write some of your words of wisdom on the banqueting roll.

These can be practical ( eg my mum always told me to visit the loo “just in case” when I was out and about, wisdom I now pass on to my little granddaughters!). Or they can be godly wisdom that you have learned through God’s word and your lived experience.

Also, we have some beautiful cards for you to colour and keep, designed by Corinne Broughton. Do look out for these and enjoy and peaceful colour while listening to the gentle music of the harp..


Prayer Room/ Quiet Space /Ministry Room

Quiet Space

You will see that we have designated the corridor where the prayer room is situated as a Quiet Space. There is soft seating in the corridor, from which you will be still able to hear the harp, but less of the general chatting. Do take advantage of this area to sit and have your lunch or jut to be quiet. Please remember that it is specifically for people who want to be quiet, so please (as we say on our retreat days) give each other the gift of silence.


Prayer Room

This has been lovingly set up by Angela Fulton and her creative team, to provide a space to think and pray. Do visit and spend some time here in the presence of the Lord.


Ministry Room

If someone from your church group needs some privacy for comfort and prayer, then this room is set aside for that. Please make sure there are two people with the person in need of ministry. If you feel extra help is needed please contact Carole Smith – who is heading up prayer ministry, safe-guarding and is also our First Aider and the KBA school nurse. Ask a steward or member of the WG team as she will have her phone on the whole conference.


Don’t forget: bring your lunch, Bible, notebook, water bottle, and money for shopping.