Tanya Walker

Tanya Walker is the Dean of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA), and an Apologist for the Zacharias Trust. Having completed her undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Christ Church, Oxford University, Tanya worked in various political roles before returning to postgraduate research. She holds an MA in Near and Middle Eastern (Islamic) Studies, and a Political Science PhD. Tanya speaks internationally as an apologist, as well as raising up future leaders and apologists through the OCCA and broader training events. Her areas of interest include: the rationality of faith, questions of suffering; generational psychological trends and the questions of contemporary culture; faith in the public sphere; the intersection of missional communities, the Gospel of the Kingdom, and unreached people groups; and the devotional life. Tanya is married to Toby and they have two young children. They are based in Oxford.

Tanya’s talk for Winter Glory 2018: ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom’

We live in a generation and a society where faith is increasingly privatised and personalised, as though the message of the Gospel was simply what Tom Wright calls ‘me and God getting it together’.  Come and be re-envisioned about the big picture of God and about your part in His redemption purposes.