Mari Ovsepyan

Mari Ovsepyan desire is to devote her life to building bridges between secular cultures and the Kingdom culture and clearing away the rocks on the way to faith. Mari’s dream is to see meaning restored and beauty redeemed in hearts as well as in the post-Christian secular cultures.


 One of the golden threads which goes through the entire Biblical narrative is the importance of being able to discern the times. In a commencement ceremony speech at Harvard on September 9th, 1943, Winston Churchill famously said that the great empires of the future will be the empires of the mind. It seems to me that this statement is one of the better summaries of ‘the times’ we live in: the world where power is no longer in the hands of the ones who own the resources, but of the ones who own the ideas. Ideas have always been a vehicle of influence, yet what is different about our age is the speed at which they spread. The world we live in today is the world of memes and labels which box us within rigid confines of its definitions of freedom, truth, beauty, success… How do we engage with the culture and remain true to God at the same time?

In the 1st session we will seek a new refreshing vision of how we could build bridges with the culture we live in.

In the 2nd session we will focus on what it might look like to live our faith out boldly and vibrantly today carrying the light of Christ to the darkest corners of this world.